About Us

In 2017 we had started selling products on amazon, eBay and snapdeal after selling some products on these platform’s. we found strange thing a shockable thing, we saw these are companies Take very high selling fees, which is a painful thing for a seller, more than our profit/seller profit, that same day we decided, We will do something that will benefit us and our customers too.
How to benefit us and our customers ?
These companies taking product selling fees from a seller according to product categories from 12% to 24%.
if a product value is RS 1,000
they will deduct 20% 1,000 -20% =800 (Rs 200 deducted)
Of these thousand rupees we have to give two hundred rupees to them. Out of these 200 rupees we will give you 50% and we will keep 50%. You will be happy, We also happy. At our website, we do not need to give any selling fees to any company so which means you will get cheaper products and we will also give a discount coupon code to our customers 3% to 28%. Yes, you have the double benefit of our shopping website.